Who I Am

If I had to describe myself in two words, I think the most appropriate are “curiosity” and “passion”. My name is Carlo and I’m 34 years old. Since I was a child I have always had a curiosity towards anything I could not understand, a sort of personal “challenge” in which I tried every time I was faced with something extremely fascinating and complex to understand, trying to understand the mechanism and the intrinsic meaning of things. Initially, my mind was very inclined to understand and research the meaning of things, very often creating theories that I thought were logical. In this process, the primary means by which I expressed myself was writing. I have always written, since I was a child, everything that went through my mind, whether it was a question of concepts or very simple sensations. During adolescence I concentrated a lot on the meaning and the difference between “emotions” and “sensations”. What could be the difference? And which of the two was the most concrete concept and which left the most trace in our hearts? A simple sensation, or a more defined emotion? This introspective process, where I tried to test the “myself” then in the face of different situations, I then extended it to the study of the sensations of others, developing a very marked sensitivity and a very very acute empathy, often managing to read the wonderful (or sometimes terrifying) poems and prose written in the eyes of other people with whom I confronted. It was a process of empathic study so strong and vital for me that at some point it risked making me lose sight of my “myself”. I realized that I was writing short stories or small poems that talked about the lives and feelings of others, or stories mixed between my life and that of others, or what I wanted to be or wanted to live, inspired by the lives of others. Writing, the personal philosophy that I had created, were the anchors of salvation during much of my adolescence. As I proceeded with this research, however, I realized that it was really a real scientific research, characterized by a very advanced pragmatism and with a series of tests and checks that I carried out unconsciously and that made me a kind of “researcher”. I attended a technical industrial institute, with Electronics and Telecommunications address. While I was attending it, I wondered what had to do with me. I was much more “humanistic” than “analytical”. Only later did I realize that those studies actually kicked off a more complex and complete development of my way of looking at the world. I was finally able to give an analytical and scientific connotation and, this feeling, I liked it, it satisfied me. So I understood that the search for truth and the meaning of things, as far as I was concerned, had to come from the deep, passionate and scientific research of the topic of study. I began to leave behind countless burdens, from the religious one that had accompanied me since I was a child, to that of the fear of openly expressing my opinion not only on sheets of paper, but with verbal language. I have invested a lot of time in understanding how to combine the depth that a written text conveys, with what words, gestures and looks convey during a conversation. With this concept, around the age of twenty, I started to structure my life and my work. I started working immediately after graduation, although I would have liked to go to university a lot, specifically I was totally divided between attending the faculty of Philosophy and Letters or Physics. Exactly the two parts into which my thought was divided, half analytical and half philosophical. In the end, for various reasons, including economic ones, I decided to throw myself on the job. I started working with an IT technician in a rather large company and started growing in the world of work with the approach I described above, analytical but also very “human”. Parallel to this, I began to devote myself with much more passion and concreteness to another of my greatest passions: astronomy. So he discovered that there was just a specific word that described who I was, or “Astrophile”. It was a good feeling. I could not have become the Physicist that I wanted to be, however I could become a capable amateur astronomer. I bought my first telescopes and started my research on it. The study of the planets, the observation and photography of distant nebulae, the study of books on astrophysics books, have further broadened my point of view with respect to life, problems and solutions. It was no longer just a purely analytical approach, the concepts of astronomy intrinsically collected a hidden philosophy that united the charm of mystery, inner thought, science, investigation. A famous astronomer, one of my intellectual “mentors” is Carl Sagan, who said: “It has been said that astronomy is an experience of humility and that it forms the character”. Nothing more true. Therefore, I have always tried to hone my analytical thinking skills, making it sweeter by philosophical and more “human” thinking by letting me join the magnificent club of scientific communicators, an activity that I carry out both through the cultural association “Gruppo Astrofili Pesarese” and through the research activity in my private observatory, Ca ‘Poggio Astronomical Observatory. I teach children, teenagers and adults to look at the sky with different eyes, going beyond the simple aestheticism of the starry sky. I try to make people understand why this beauty, where it comes from, how it evolves and how it affects us. This opens people’s minds to an inner thought, broadening their horizons by approaching the charm of science that reveals the mysteries of our existence. Parallel to this, I try in my own small way to carry out a debunking campaign against all the pseudoscientific currents of thought that unfortunately today are becoming more and more domineering. The dissemination activity is aimed at getting the interlocutors accustomed to the search for details, intriguing, pushing them to carry out a deep research based on scientific data, sheltering them from bizarre theories based on sensationalism.

I hope you have fun browsing my site, sharing experiences and projects.

Carlo F.